About Us

REDEMPTION Fitness is an all-new high intensity interval training focused fitness concept, featuring three studio experiences all at one location. Our philosophy is that it’s never too late to commit or recommit to your relationship with health and fitness. That’s to say your health can be saved…or REDEEMED. So, come RIDE.REP.REBEL. with us in an environment that’s ultra-supportive, encouraging, fun and effective.


Indoor cycling experiences, with an emphasis on power classes.

Theater-style studio

Stages SC series bikes track your efforts

Indoor cycling experience focused on power

Unique instructors, music and class formats

50 minute rides


Cardio work on the treadmill mixed with strength training work on the floor.

Woodway treadmills

Variety of strength-training equipment

Half your time on the treadmill to get lean

Other half your time on the floor creating a toned physique


Full body workout with all the kicking and punching you can handle.

Hanging bags

Combine speed and power

Countless punches, kicks and other drills

HIIT hard while you punch, move and groove


REDEMPTION offers a plethora of amenities for your convenience, enjoyment and relaxation. We want you to get in and out when it comes to your workouts, but don’t get us wrong: We’d love you to hang out, too!


We offer a variety of beverages, from high akaline water and coconut water to cold brew and kombucha (on tap!) for purchase.

Cycling shoes

Available for rent. Please visit the front desk. Have your own shoes? Our bikes are compatible with SPD clips, so feel free to bring your own.


Our luxurious showers are equipped with organic, cruelty-free shampoo, conditioner and body wash.


We have an additional entrance around back, with dedicated parking for REDEMPTION members.


We offer plenty of lockers for your pre- and post-workout needs. You’ll also find other basic toiletries and hair dryers in the restrooms, so all’s not lost if you forgot that deodorant!

Face + Body Towels

If you want a towel for your workout or need one to shower up after, we have available for rent at the front desk.

Boxing gloves

Available for rent and purchase. Please visit the front desk.

Boxing Wraps

Available for purchase, we’ve got quickwraps and traditional handwraps to choose from. Please visit the front desk.