This theater style studio features Stages SC series bikes with power meters. There, you’ll embark upon a sweaty indoor cycling experience focused on power. And there’s not a better bike that enables you to measure your power output. Whether you’re shooting for a little friendly competition with fellow riders or simply looking to improve your cycling fitness, you’ll be able to track your efforts thanks to performance and intensity data we make available to you. The equipment and technology aren’t the only hard-core parts of your RIDE experience. Your instructors, the music and unique class formats add a whole additional layer to your ride, so you’ll end each class with a unique 50 minutes under your belt.


Your REP studio features Woodway treadmills and a variety of strength training equipment, such as dumbbells and medicine balls, resulting in a cardio and resistance training experience that’ll literally leave you breathless (at times!). Worried about those knees and joints? Our treadmills have belts with shock-absorbing slats proven to be friendly to joints, muscles and connective tissue. In other words, it’s about as close to running on a cloud as you can get. REP experiences are all about the efficiency factor, so get ready to love the lean and toned physique this experience is designed to deliver. You’ll enjoy plenty of variety with REP, with instructors who ensure your form and effort is as strong as they KNOW you are.


Had a day? REBEL, our studio equipped with hanging bags, is where you let it all go. And honestly, the bag doesn’t mind at all. Burn serious calories in these badass classes that combine speed and power across countless punches, kicks and other drills. And guess what? You’ll win every single battle no matter what punch your jab, upper cut, or roundhouse kick is packing that day. Put that fierce fighter face on and do our REBEL experience proud!


Dress such that you’ll be cool and comfortable. It’s about feeling good, so don’t worry about dressing to impress! Socks and form-fitting shorts or pants to avoid interference with the pedals are typically key for maximizing your RIDE experiences.

Drink up. Ensure ample hydrate before, during and after your workouts.

A little bite. We don’t recommend any heavy meals before our fitness experiences, but an empty stomach is not advised either. Snacking on something with carbohydrates, like whole-grain bread with banana slices or apple slices and nut butter will ensure great energy throughout your fitness journey of the day.

To make our first timers to feel completely at ease, part of the experience includes class inductions. Instructors will welcome new members/guests into class studio 10 minutes prior to the class start time. It is important first timers are present for this as the instructor will walk new members/guests through more about the class, its structure, various equipment, and other related tips to ensure new members/guests are set up for success in their first class (per modality).

Can't make it to class at all? Cancel your reservation online up to 8 hours in advance free of charge. Members who cancel after this time or do not show up for a scheduled class will be charged a $6 no-show fee for the class if on a monthly membership. If on a class package, the class will be reduced from their class bank.

Running late to class? First, call us to try and hold your spot. Otherwise, we may offer your reservation to a Waitlist or a Walk-in member/guest. We are only able to hold the spot up to five (5) minutes before class begins to prevent disruption for other members.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early and check in using the tablets in the front of the studio.

We require cycling shoes in order to RIDE. You can bring your own cycling shoes (SPD compatible cleats) or rent a pair from our studio for $3 per session. This can be billed to your payment method online or paid in cash when checking in. You will then pick up your rental shoes in the cubbies located in the RIDE laneway, looking for the pair that corresponds with your bike number!

We also require boxing gloves and handwraps in order to REBEL. For your safety, you must either bring your own OR purchase traditional cloth handwraps or quick gel handwraps. Costs vary for the cloth handwraps and quick gel handwraps. Gloves may be brought by member, purchased from REDEMPTION Fitness, or rented for $3 per session. Rental gloves may be billed to your payment method online or paid in cash when checking in. Rental gloves are located directly to the left of the REBEL room.

Lockers are equipped with keyless combination locks, so no need to bring your own. There are lockers situated in the Runway, our lobby area, as well as in the ladies’ and mens’ restrooms.

Planning to sweat your face off? Rent a face towel upon check-in, purchase or fill up your bottle at our water station, then head into your studio. The REDEMPTION team is always on hand to assist you in preparing for your workout.

Work your tail off, but do it with a smile. HINT: A smile makes you even more powerful. It’s science.

Post class, purchase a beverage to re-hydrate and a frosty eucalyptus towel for extra cool down power. Then, get fresh in our fully loaded locker rooms, considering what experience to reserve next as you suds up!